Notre Dame, 2005

In eight days I take off for France. In an attempt to alleviate part of the“I need to pack!”/”I can’t pack yet!” war. I’m looking back at the last time I was in France. And avoiding cleaning my room, though that has to be done this morning as that is what happens when you have company over. Another assistant started posting her favorite places in France from last time she was there to help alleviate the crazy that is overtaking all of us about ready to take off. And while I don’t have a lot of photos from last time I was in France, I do have some, even if they aren’t my favorite spots there are some of my favorite memories.

Notre Dame

After our 18 hour flight to Paris out of Portland, OR almost everyone wanted to nap, despite that it was only 9 o’clock in the morning. After checking in and rounding everyone up, we wandered out for lunch. After an hour or so we met up with our guide and walked from the Bastille to Notre Dame (for those of you not familiar with Paris, click here). That isn’t the exact path we took, as we wandered for more than twenty minutes. But, I can say that by the time we got to Notre Dame we were all exhausted. It actually took me about five minutes of bleary ‘that cathedral looks really familiar’ to realize I was standing in front of Notre Dame.


Author: Monica

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4 thoughts on “Notre Dame, 2005”

  1. i love this photo! its beautiful! thanks for the comment on my blog, i really appreciate someone other than my mom reading/commenting on it. :) good luck with packing and last-minute nerves! everything will work out fine! and if you’re ever looking to visit the lorraine (or even strasbourg, its not too far), let me know…i’d def be happy to show anyone around/give pointers! bon courage et bon voyage!

  2. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i’m melissa/strwberryfields from the assistant forum, just in case you’re like “who is this?”

  3. hey so thanks for your message. it sounds like we (unfortunately?) have a lot in common, so we should definitely keep in touch. there’s something sort of comforting in knowing that there’s someone else in a a bizarrely similar scenario.

    but enough of that. we’re going to france! and it will be an amazing awesome adventure, and we can go without any regrets.

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