crossing boarders with a zero carbon footprint!

Last Sunday we woke up to an unexpectedly beautiful day in Dunkerque. The sun was out, there was barely a cloud in the sky, and dare I say it, it was warm(er). After heading down to the Sunday morning marché, S and I decided to ride our bikes to Belgium. She had bought a bike before Christmas, and I borrowed one from the old lady who lives on the first floor of S’s flat. Belgium is only a few towns over, and the bus doesn’t take too long, so quite some time ago we had decided on going. On our way we found some WWII ruins and one of the infamous Carnivals that go throughout this area for three months.

Even though we had consulted a map (briefly) before we left, we didn’t quite find the right road after we left the beach for quite some time. In fact we went well out of our way and through a few small villages. Though I can’t really complain it was a lovely day and we were in the French countryside. I’m really not sure why the locals keep apologizing for it not being pretty here. Yes, the towns aren’t your typical quaint rustic France, but the countryside is nice. Though, it still being winter, by the time we arrived in Belgium it was maybe two hours until sunset. So we merely nipped across the boarder for a drink and road back. It was well dark by the time we got home but we managed to not get lost at all!

As our trip was cut short by starting late and it being winter, we’re definitely going again. And we’re definitely going to go explore the dunes again. Here are some pictures, as always, there are more on flickr.



Author: Monica

punk rock ballerina. writer. adventurer.

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