grad school 101

This morning I arrived in class, expecting another talk on entrepreneurship, organisation, business, ideas, creativity… or something like that.

The first order of business was to move every single desk and every chair to the periphery of the room. Left with a large open space, we hung around the edges, unwilling to occupy the blank space. Nearly all 50 of us were in attendance. Today, we were being led by only Adrian, as Sian was off on a trip. After a short preamble he asked if any one of us could name everyone in the room. No one volunteered. Not surprising, naming 50 people is a daunting task when you haven’t actually met every single one of them. Many of us have formed sort of loosely open, very fluid cliques.

We then began the first game. The person who starts the game walks across the room to another person, before the walking person gets across the room the other person has to say their name. If you get it wrong, you have to sit down. We played a few rounds of this and then added in countries (we’re from around 22 different countries).

Next began the game tick tock. Tick goes around the circle one way, and Tock the other. The goal is to never have both, so you want to pass them on as quickly as possible. Slowly other pairs are added (Wiz Woosh, Hip Hop, Zip Zap, etc.). After a few rounds of this, it turned to a game of tag nearly. In that instead of a circle you can pass the items to anyone. Chaos. Of the good kind.

By the end of the class there was a severe amount of bonding and laughter that had occurred. Play is just as important as seriousness. In play there is team building and strategy and joy. And sometimes as adults we forget to find the joy in what we do.

theatre games
note: the top left picture is moments before the three of us dissolved into laughter and tears.

Author: Monica

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