Copenhagen: Week One

I’m sitting in my friend’s quirky lopsided apartment because a storm on the day I arrived knocked out the internet at mine. But I spend all my time here anyway (and not just for the internet) so I might as well be writing this from my place. So far my time here has been amazing, but it’s also been really tough. Since I don’t have consistent access to the web I’ve been keeping analogue notes and taking pictures. But all my pictures are still on my camera and I don’t have my cord with me. It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been here 7 days. I’ve still barely seen anything in Copenhagen though, and here’s why:

Day One: Saturday 2 July:
Arrived in the late afternoon, shortly after I settled in a massive thunderstorm pretending to be a monsoon (sans wind) hit Copenhagen. There was a bit of a flash flood (about 6 inches of water running down some of the streets) and it poured for about 2 hours. By 9pm the storm finally abated I jumped on the metro and headed off into Copenhagen to find Miss D. At hers I met T, an old dance friend of Miss D’s from the same studio back in the Bay Area who is also here dancing at the Bartholin intensive. Around midnight we realise we should probably sleep, so I head off in search of the metro and a ride home, only to find the metro is shut down past their stop due to flooding. Instead of trying to walk home I headed back to Miss D’s to crash.

Day Two: Sunday 3 July:
We wandered the city, ate an entire (delicious) cake and went out to dinner with T’s parents. It was still raining on and off.

The Dancing:
Because, really, this is what I’m here to do, even though I’m travelling and on vacation. It seems crazy to think that I’ve just plopped myself down in another European city without a second thought. Not knowing any Danish (thankfully everyone speaks English) or really anything about the area. Everything is written in Danish, some of it I can read because it’s similar to English and some I can read because it’s similar to French. It’s good though and the dance intensive is run in English.

But really, on to the dancing. Week one from 9:30-11 Ballet Technique 11:30-1 Pointe/Variations (which I mostly sat out of because I can’t do that much center work on pointe yet) 1:30-3 Modern (Horton technique!!) 3:30-5 Modern Repertory.  Then sitting and stretching for half an hour and then showering and walking home (in my case back to Miss D’s).  Ballet was hard. It’s been so long since I’ve consistently done ballet that I’d often leave the class wondering why I was here trying to dance. Luckily every day in Horton that feeling would be reversed. And aside from almost re-pulling my hamstring (which I’d done years ago) I’d call the week a success. It made me think a lot though in trying to answer a lot of why questions.

First off I’ve been thinking about why I’m dancing and what I really want out of it. Right now, I just want to continue dancing and enjoy it. Maybe later join a small contemporary company after I settle somewhere, but I don’t really want to try to make a career out of it. At least not at the moment. Then there’s the debate between classical and contemporary dance. As much as I absolutely love ballet, it’s never going to be my strong suite. I am much better built for contemporary dance. Being surrounded by more international folk (from a different set of countries this time) and west coast americans (there’s a difference) has made me really think about where I want to live. I love Europe and all it has to offer, but it isn’t for me all the time forever. I miss the west coast. So while, I don’t plan on saying no to staying I’m sure I’m coming back at some point.

Well I’ve got to go, we’re off to find the Little Mermaid.. I’ll leave you with this:


Author: Monica

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2 thoughts on “Copenhagen: Week One”

  1. If you ever find yourself living in Missoula, you’re definitely more than welcome to join the company I think I’m destined to start.

    I’m so jealous of all your travels.

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