Amanda Palmer at the British Library

Neil holding lyrics for Amanda
Neil holding lyrics for Amanda at the British Library

Originally this week had nothing planned; it was am empty swath of white on my calendar, except for an excited little exclamation in green reminding me I had tickets to see Amanda Palmer at Heaven on Friday night.
Then the Jane Austen Argument announced a #twitnic. I went, met some nice people and had a lot of fun despite freezing on top of Parliament Hill.
Friday was of course, the concert where I managed to take some pretty cool photos.
Saturday I took the day to relax and generally do the nothing I had been planning all week.
Then Sunday I found someone willing to sell me a ticket to the sold-out panel Neil Gaiman was on at the British Library. They talked about science fiction, the future and how things have changed in the last 50 years.
Monday morning I woke up thinking I’d had a pretty amazing weekend/going on week. Right as I’m clicking through Twitter for the first time that morning Palmer retweets an offer from someone with an extra ticket to see her that night at the British Library. I figured I didn’t really have a chance of being the first to respond, but gave it a shot and a few hours later I got a message saying to be at the BL at six to pick up my ticket! For FREE. I did try to pay, but she insisted that she just wanted a fan who didn’t have a chance and would really enjoy the show to have the chance to see Amanda play. Things like this are proof that good people still exist in the world. When I get the chance I’ll be paying it forward.

The show was a complete 180 from Friday night at Heaven. That isn’t to say it was any less enjoyable or awesome. It was a low key, and enjoyable, just to sit and soak in the music. For all but 2 songs she played on the piano (and Neil sang), Amanda was either on the Uke or the Mandolin. From what they’ve said this setup seems that it will be very similar to their upcoming west coast tour! She played a few songs of hers I had never heard, including a beautiful song about the house she grew up in. I love the dichotomy of the two sets. Heaven was loud and high energy, sweaty and chaotic and such a swell of emotion that you lost yourself. The British Library felt intimate in comparison (maybe 150?), it was a much calmer set. She played Map of Tasmania again (at Heaven she had us do a shout back after she said “oh. my. god.” we’d scream “fuck it!” Apparently while seated at the BL, even yelling “fuck it!” sounds slightly clean and posh. Both nights were full of tears and laughter and wonderful emotion brought on by brilliant artists and performers.

Also, as the British Library gig we got to see a lot of interaction between Amanda and Neil. They’re quite the adorable couple. See above: Neil holding 9 pages of lyrics to Amanda’s ukulele anthem.

Counting down the days until I get to see them perform again on November 8th and thinking how incredibly lucky I am. In the mean time I’ll be buried in some for fun reading at last (A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, and Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman). Is there anything else that I should check out? New or not.


Author: Monica

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2 thoughts on “Amanda Palmer at the British Library”

  1. Wow, what an epic weekend! Amanda x2 and Neil. How wonderful!

    I’m going to start reading Game of Thrones soon, too. I watched the HBO series, have you seen it? I hear it’s pretty true to the books.

    1. It was amazing!
      I did watch the HBO series. So far it feels like it’s been taken nearly scene by scene from the books with only a few omissions and changes here and there, like the age of all the children. I am really enjoying the book though I basically know exactly what will happen next.

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