an evening that didn’t want to end

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer
Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer, Aladdin Theater, Portland

Tuesday afternoon I drove up to Portland with a friend to a concert. I was lucky enough to be back on the west coast to catch the Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman tour An Evening with… Their set was supposed to run about 8-11, around 12 the duo finally called it a night.

The show was vastly different from the last Amanda Palmer concert I went to in London that was a glorious night of high energy, sweat and loud vibrating sound. Tuesday was no less energetic but it had a sit-down comfortable quality about it. Moving seamlessly  between songs, instruments, stories, poems & general chit chat the couple filled up four hours and left the audience wanting more. We barely noticed our butts numb from sitting so long because we were so entranced by the show.

It’s always a treat to see people do what they love to do. There’s a tangible joy in sharing talents and passion. Amanda & Neil entertain like no other. Amanda is quirky enough, and dedicated enough to whatever she attempts that she pulls off any number of crazy things: from picking up the ukulele on a whim to reading some of her own poetry on stage while Neil plays an iPad app for accompaniment. Neil’s words weave visions of wonder in your head when read off the page, when heard in the voice of the man himself your transported from your seat. Suddenly you’re smelly thick sticky beer and old spills in an oft-forgotten seaside pub in England. Only half an hour later do you re-emerge out of the story and back into your seat in the theater. Perhaps that’s why four hours passed by like they were less than two, so entrancing is their special brand of entertainment that your drawn out of yourself and into the world of Amanda & Neil – a delightful, dark, glitter-covered place with black eye-liner where time and reality pass a little differently.

If ever there was inspiration for doing what you love in life, these two are it. You have to go after the things that really matter, or what’s worth doing? If you’re doing things you love, it’s more likely you’ll be doing good in this world anyway, in some way… people for millennia have needed music to survive


Author: Monica

punk rock ballerina. writer. adventurer.

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