Tuesday was a long day, if not because I spent 3 hours in stillness while this happened:

I spent a long time working on this design, almost a year between concept & execution. It fits with my first tattoo, so they look like one design. The first covered my love of French & my love of dance. This second, and much larger, tattoo, encompasses 3 things very dear to me. The rose is for my mom. For those of you that didn’t know her, her name was Rose. That upside down heart in the middle of the rose is on purpose, maybe one day I’ll go into what I think of it and why it’s there. The ampersand is for Amanda Palmer. Her music and thinking has done a lot to influence me since I was introduced to her at 17. The words: Trust dreams. Trust your heart and trust your story are from Neil Gaiman’s poem Instructions, which is one of my favorites. And these words just resonate so much with how I live. I trust that things will work. I trust in the crazy notions and gut feelings inside of me. They haven’t led me wrong so far, maybe it’s luck, but maybe it means I’m doing something right.

So far it’s healing nicely. Almost no redness, and so far no peeling!


Author: Monica

punk rock ballerina. writer. adventurer.

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