In Melbourne by chance : Tom Dickins and the Punintentionals

Tom and Jen, The Jane Austen Argument in London 2011

Back in London in 2011 I met a musician from Australia on a hill. The next night I got to see him open for Amanda Palmer at Heaven. A bit after that we were supposed to meet again in Portland, but he got stuck in Canada. Now I’m on holiday and he has his album launch party the week I happened to be in Melbourne.

The show was brilliant. I loved the opening bands… and Tom’s new album was killer live. Very raw and intense.

After the show I walked up, just wanted to say thank you and that hey, that crazy girl from Oregon that’s been posting on the facebook wall for the show made it. Halfway through this, it dawns on him that the crazy girl from Oregon is the one he met in London. He was really excited to see me. I received a hug and a handful of merch. After he made it through the signing line (I had stuck around… okay, I’d left, it was raining, I realized I should stay for a bit, there is one more tram back, headed back in) we chatted for a bit and he proceeded to introduce me to everyone that came up. His wife, his mom, his friends. And each time the story came out.

It’s nice to be remembered. Especially by someone in the spotlight, someone we (society) forgets is a normal human. We like to be remembered and appreciated. and hugged.

And maybe one day we’ll run into each other again, who knows where, but it’ll probably happen, because honestly, what are the odds?


p.s. Check out Tom’s music, either under Tom Dickins & the Punintentionals, Tom Dickins or The Jane Austen Argument. He’s a wonderful musician as well as a wonderful person.


Author: Monica

punk rock ballerina. writer. adventurer.

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